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Re: Definition for "unattended operation"

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Mon Mar 01 03:31:33 1999

At 04:19 PM 2/28/99 -0500, Steven J. Sobol wrote:
>On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 06:31:25AM -0600, Sean Donelan wrote:
>> As far as listing additional contact information in the WHOIS database.
>> I encourage providers to exchange contact information for the person(s)
>> who is knowledgeable about the process and emergency shutdown
>> procedures.  However, I am beginning to think the WHOIS database
>> operated by NSI no longer best serves the network operation community.
>> I see little purpose in adding additional fields to a database which
>> is so full of useless information already.  Listing good contact
>> information just results in those contacts becoming overwhelmed by
>> spammers, vigilantes and UUNET telemarketing.  The occasional
>> appropriate message is likely to be lost, or not acted upon because
>> of contact fatigue.

How about a whois that requires the requestor to be a tech contact for a
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