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Re: Multiple BGP sessions between the same router pairs at IXPs

  • From: Tim Wolfe
  • Date: Wed Feb 10 12:14:36 1999

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, [email protected] wrote:

> Alex Bligh wrote:
> > then only one peering session will come up, as routers only
> > support one BGP session with any given router ID.
> You can get both sessions up, but you'll only use one set of
> routes, which if you don't toy with any knobs, will be the
> one with the lower router ID.  However, you can use BGP max
> paths and set it to 2, and both routes will be sent to 
> the route table.  Or you could use eBGP multihop.

I had the same situation and ended up dropping a static to the loopback of
the remote router at both interfaces and then peering loop to loop.. (the
remote end would have to static your loopback out their's too, of course)  Added
benefit of very good load balancing on the links.., I'm using CEF so CPU
load is nill even on per-packet load sharing..


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