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Multiple BGP sessions between the same router pairs at IXPs

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Wed Feb 10 03:49:39 1999

Anyone feel like sanity checking this for me:

As far as I know, if you have this config

             RTRA   BGP ID ASN 4 /    \ |    | \   /
             RTRB   BGP ID ASN 5

and you configure on router A

router bgp 4
 neighbor remote-as 5
 nieghbor remote-as 5

and on router B

router bgp 5
 neighbor remote-as 4
 nieghbor remote-as 4

then only one peering session will come up, as routers only
support one BGP session with any given router ID.

We hit this problem when renumbering the LINX, I think, in that
you have to make sure you take down old sessions to get new
sessions to work.

This would also affect people who set up new peerings over
the ATM MAE's, who also have existing peerings on the FDDI
fabric between the same routers, right?

Alex Bligh
GX Networks (formerly Xara Networks)