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Re: NIC database/whois

  • From: Robert Szarka
  • Date: Mon Feb 08 11:10:51 1999

At 08:11 PM 2/7/99 , Becki Kain wrote:
>anyone else noticed the NIC "losing" a set of domain registrations, around
>the time of January 11 (during their "speculator" issues), where the NIC
>took the modify, modified the domain, then reset it to it's previous
>settings (from January 9)?

Something similar may have happened to one of the domains hosted here, but
I think it was at an earlier date.  Submissions--even ones that were
acknowledged--were lost over the past month, that's for sure, despite their
plea for us not to resubmit!

>also, is there a way to do the old "whois server <server NIC name>" to
>show everything a server is registered for?  I can't seem to get that to
>work, no matter what whois I try.

There is a form somewhere on their site for requesting that roughly
equivalent info be sent via email.  It took them a couple of days to get it
to me, as I recall, but it did work when I tried it last month.

Ah, here it is:


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