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Re: spam whore,

  • From: Rich Sena
  • Date: Wed Feb 03 08:30:51 1999

I personally think you are pro-zac...

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Dean Anderson wrote:

> I take issue with being called pro-spam. It's kind of like calling anyone
> who thinks Clinton should be impeached anti-democrat, or perhaps
> pro-republican.
> I am pro-law.  If you want to ban spam, there is a way to do that: People
> banned junk faxes, and banned telemarketers from calling your cell phone.
> However, they did that by passing laws. Not by taking the law into their
> own hands.
> Secondly, the internet isn't a lawless place. There are already laws which
> control how you must behave. Especially if you might have access to other
> peoples private electronic communications.  We don't need more privacy
> laws. We just need to enforce those we have.  Unfortunately, many people
> think they can do whatever they please.  I suppose if the laws aren't
> enforced, then they are right.
> 		--Dean
> [note that I don't take issue with being called a nut ;-)  I think Clinton
> should be impeached, too.]
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