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Re: Byte Counters on Ciscos

  • From: Phillip Vandry
  • Date: Wed Jan 27 16:24:42 1999

> Cisco stores them as 32 bits, but SNMP also retrieves them as 32 bits.  HP
> has a proprietary MIB & impl. for its Lanprobes & RMON s/w for HP
> workstations, which is 64 bits wide.  These are the only devices I know of
> that store more than 32 bits, and have accurate counts of bytes over a long
> period of time.

Actually, I've seen some other equipment store more than 32 bits... and it's
Cisco gear! Catalyst 1924/2820, to be exact. But the implementation is
different. There are two variables, like swPortTxTotalOctets and
swPortTxTotalOctetsWraps. The formula to get the actual byte count is,
of course,

	(swPortTxTotalOctetsWraps << 32) | swPortTxTotalOctets