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Re: aads renumbering rumor and implications

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Mon Jan 25 19:23:10 1999

> Unless someone knows differently, the renumbering at AADS been called
> off.
> (Enough people signed up to pay for the space, independent of AADS
> operations)
>   At least, this is true according to Bill Manning. 
>   (As if *he* knows anything ;)
>   . Ciaou .

Indeed.  The view from here is that one of the participants at the
AADS exchange agreed to sign the acceptable use paperwork, which was
the gist of the problem I had with the current situation.  That taken
care of, the prefix is good for use at the AADS 
exchange.  This does not preclude AADS from implementing a renumbering
plan for its clients.  It is then up to the clients to determine which/
how many prefixes they intend to use.

Also note.  There is -NOT- payment for address space. There are costs
associated with doing delegation and those costs have to be recovered