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Re: aads renumbering rumor and implications

  • From: Alan Hannan
  • Date: Sun Jan 24 21:23:15 1999

> i am told that aads seems to be planning to renumber, seemingly as there is
> some service charge for the address space they do not wish to pay.  please
> correct/confirm.
> should this be true and  a real issue,

  i have received the attached email.  as it is not marked
  confidential I have attached it here for review.

>   o will folk be happy renumbering at larger exchanges?


>   o does anyone see why the exchange address space needs to be globally
>     routable?


  in fact, i believe nsps should use bilaterally provided unique address
  space at public exchange points, to model private
  interconnections, though the public fabric is shred.

  ie - instead of using 198.32.136.x/24, a network should use
  a.b.c.d/30, where a.b.c.d/30 comes out of one, or the other,
  peer's address space.

  the maes and naps are no longer the center of the internet, and
  therefore mae/nap reachability is of little consequence.


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 As most of you are aware, the Ameritech Advanced Data Services (AADS)
NAP is going to renumber the IP addresses and the subnet of
198.32.130/24 is going away.  The reason for this change is:

      - address administration and inverse DNS are under the control of  
        a third party.
      - current subnetting is inefficient.
      - we anticipate that without renumbering the current address space
that we have will run out in mid year 1999.

      Some of the benefits of renumbering are:

      - as the operator of the exchange point, AADS will be responsible  
        for the inverse DNS as well as the administration of the         

      - New customer address allocations will become a seamless part of  
        the provisioning process, and customers will have a single point
of contact for VPI/VCI and IP address assignments.   
      - By renumbering we will be positioned for long term growth with   
little concern for renumbering again.   

      - Growth capacity is important as the exchange point continues to  
        serve multiple logical exchanges (STARTAP, MREN, ISP's, etc.)    
      - Overlap among these groups requiring them to stay within the     
same network at the exchange.   

      - Plan is to move the router servers to a totally new subnet.

 By the end of January, all customers will have the new IP addresses
assigned and will be posted on the AADS NAP web site
(  The last octet of the customers' addresses will
remain the same, to ease the conversion and maintain some continuity.   

 At this point, we expect the conversion to take place the second week
of February 1999.  After discussion with everyone that can attend the
Denver NANOG, a suitable date and time will be determined and a window
will be scheduled.  AADS will provided a large conference bridge during
the cutover window to be used by our customers' network operations
personnel for coordination and troubleshooting.  AADS operations will be
available throughout the entire window to assist with any needed

 Details on the conversion of the route servers are being prepared by
Merit and AADS.  This information will be released by January 25th,
1999.  The RSng staff will work closely with users of the route servers
at AADS before, during and after the cutover to ensure everything
continues to work properly.

 Per Bill Manning's e-mail message he is going to discontinue the
current IP subnet on February 15th.  We do not however, anticipate any
problems with continued usage of the old address space before the
cutover takes place, which as was mentioned will take place before the

 I hope this provides answers to some of your concerns.   

 Please refer to our web site or contact me directly on 312-857-7534 for
further details and I hope to see you all at the Denver NANOG BOF on
Monday night.

Kevin Peterson
Ameritech Advanced Data Services (AADS)
NAP Administrator