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MCI/CW Security

  • From: James Rishaw
  • Date: Tue Jan 19 14:31:13 1999
  • Rfc_violation: You saw it here first!

What a laugh..

  We were just smurfed from what appears to be an MCI router as a relay..

  Their voice menu at 888-860-3382 says:

  "If you are reporting a security issue please fill out an incident
report on our web page at [email protected] under 'Report an incident' " 
              ^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

   Eh ???

  With the lack of voice menu clue, I went to
and found a form.. assigned ticket number "18".. makes me feel really
good, to have a global company assign me a two-digit ticket.. but hey..

  Is it just me ?

jamie rishaw (efnet:gavroche)          American Information Systems, Inc.
jamie at ais dot net                           infrastructure engineering