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Re: Solution: Re: Huge smurf attack

  • From: Dan Hollis
  • Date: Mon Jan 11 23:42:48 1999

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Daniel Senie wrote:
> > Then we need to re-classify having an open broadcast amplifier as an
> > abuse.  If we can get upstreams and backbones to give a formal 30 day
> > notice, then start cutting lines ...
> I think this could easily be classified as abuse or abuse through
> negligence (reckless endangerment?). Provider contracts should specify
> that downstreams must deal with ingress filtering and must ensure their
> networks will not respond to directed broadcasts from outside.

Speaking of negligence, I am disappointed at the backbones who continue to
route rfc1918 addresses, and wacko addresses like and

It is REALLY all that much to ask you guys to null0 route these networks?