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Re: Cisco config checker

  • From: Randall S. Benn
  • Date: Thu Jan 07 23:49:10 1999

There are 4 commercially available products I know of that will do off-line
router configurations:

1.  CiscoWorks
2.  Cisco ConfigMaker
3.  Go Figure! (for Palm Pilots)
4.  RouterAssistant

The caveat here is that these products probably won't handle the
"industrial strength" configuration parameters that would be required in an
ISP environment and also have limited platform support.  They might be
worth a look, though, since some can also help with configuration
management tasks.

If you're interested, you can find links to them in the IOS section of my
web page:


"Cisco Systems In A Nutshell"

At 10:29 PM 1/3/99 -0700, Pete Kruckenberg wrote:
>Is there such a thing as a Cisco config checker, to allow off-line editing
>of Cisco configs and check them before they're uploaded to the router?
>Preferrably something that could be used in a Web/Unix environment as a
>If not, does anyone know of a source for a complete definition of Cisco
>configuration language, in some kind of standardized format, so I could
>possibly generate a config-checker myself?