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Re: 'nic whois warning

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Tue Jan 05 20:12:37 1999

[ On Mon, January 4, 1999 at 19:06:13 (-0800), Lincoln Dale wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: 'nic whois warning
> maybe entirely unrelated, but i did notice that disappeared
> yesterday - and still isn't back . . .

Do you mean this?

23:42 [171] $ host -C has no NS record (Authoritative answer)
No nameservers for found

So far as I can remember this zone has never been delegated.  It
probably shouldn't be anyway....

Or something like this?

23:51 [173] $ host -C     NS      NS2.HOME.NET SOA record currently not present at NS2.HOME.NET has lame delegation to NS2.HOME.NET     NS      NS.ON.ROGERS.WAVE.CA SOA record currently not present at NS.ON.ROGERS.WAVE.CA has lame delegation to NS.ON.ROGERS.WAVE.CA     NS      NS.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA SOA record currently not present at NS.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA has lame delegation to NS.BC.ROGERS.WAVE.CA     NS      NS1.HOME.NET SOA record currently not present at NS1.HOME.NET has lame delegation to NS1.HOME.NET

BTW, it seems the operations folks controlling the servers behind the re-director are having a very hard time managing a
simple operational change, namely the disabling of Path-MTU-discovery.
After my last go-around I've had several assurances from Mark Kosters
that he would remind them to disable it and keep it disabled, and I have
every confidence that he has in fact reminded them several times.
However despite his, and possibly their, best intentions it seems they
are incapable of maintaining such an operational change and slowly the
servers behind that re-director have slipped back into the state of
using Path-MTU-discovery and it takes ever more frequent retries before
I'm able to get a complete answer from whois queries.

							Greg A. Woods

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