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New resource available!

  • From: TTSG
  • Date: Fri Dec 25 23:14:33 1998


	New forum for discussing and alerting others to attacks of any type
be they strobe, exploit, smurf, etc.  This is a closed list, unmoderated.
We hopefully expect a decent traffic level.

	[email protected] - Subscribe by sending:
			subscribe hack-track <Yourname>
			[email protected]

	A second list has been designed for low volume, critical information.
Only confirmed multi-site attacks will be broadcast.  This is a closed,
moderated list.

	[email protected] - Subscribe vy sending:
			subscribe hack-track-announce <Yourname>
			[email protected]

	A web site will also carry the archives, and any important information.
You can find it at

	PLEASE, if you have ANYTHING to submit, or want to help admin the
moderated list (I'd like to get atleast a few people around the world to 
help so that the fate of the internet doesn't rest completely on my 
shoulders), or if you want to help put together a FAQ, PLEASE, PLEASE 
(Can I beg enough) email me privately.  (I have a self imposed restriction
of 100000 bytes per email message, if you need to send something larger than
that we can arrange for it to be FTP'd to me)

				Thanks, Tuc/TTSG