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Re: ** Forged spamming going on

  • From: Phil Howard
  • Date: Mon Dec 21 18:44:02 1998

[email protected] writes:

> Thinking about this, there is no solution; here are my options:
> 1) blackhole AT&T, which does nothing, since the mail is bounces coming
> from AOL.
> 2) blackhole AOL, which would fix my attack, but would break all
> legitimate mail from/to AOL.
> 3) temporarily blackhole, which would prevent me from getting
> the bounces, but then I can't send/get legit mail.
> I wish AT&T and other huge dialup organizations could control the
> users they have; there should be a licensing process..

4) convince AOL to blackhole AT&T.

AOL knows the pain of spam.  There is a remote chance they might actually
do it.  And if AOL could be convinced to do this, it might actually get
some attention at AT&T.


If the mail bounces are addressed to a specific [email protected], then set
up an autoresponder on that address that sends a reply back that explains
that the address is a forgery, giving the 800 number for AT&T support.
Play tough with AOL since it is they who actually in a position to stop
the flood.  Imagine if AOL were to use RBL.

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