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Re: [NIC-981207.1418] whois for 'server SERVER-HANDLE' not returning information?

  • From: nicholas harteau
  • Date: Fri Dec 18 15:21:38 1998

i complained to [email protected] about this a few nights ago, but
by the time they got around to replying to my mail, it had been fixed.

judging from the response, i think it's more likely that they're having
problems with the feature than killing it.

Jeffrey Haas wrote:
> Has anyone else noted that "whois server <handle>" no longer seems
> to be working at the InterNIC?
> -- 
>  Jeffrey Haas   "Denial of Spamming is not a crime."
> [email protected]  -- Russell Nelson <[email protected]>

nicholas harteau
[email protected]

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This appears to be an error, as a similar search does return such a 
list of domains when checked.

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> a few days ago, when i would make a whois query something like:
> [[email protected] ~] whois
> [No name] (E13-HST)
>    Hostname: E0.NS.EXECPC.COM
>    Address:
>    System: ? running ?
> <etc>
> [[email protected] ~] whois 'server e13-hst'
> No match for server "E13-HST".
> i would get a list of domains relevant to that server.
> is this an error or a change in the behavior of the whois server?
> i'm hoping the former; it's a very useful feature.
> -- 
> nicholas harteau
> [email protected]
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