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[[email protected]: Re: Network Solutions Lists] (fwd)

  • From: Larry Snyder
  • Date: Sat Dec 12 20:35:34 1998

The problem is that it is and has to be (reasonably) public information.
For any restriction that could be put in place, someone will certainly
write a programatic workaround.  This specific mailing is in violation
of's AUP gripe to them.  And support Smith.
..."an Opt-In list of".......Get Real!
-ls-  (LS11)

>>>>> Forwarded message from James Rishaw <[email protected]>


There's *got* to be a way to keep people from walking the database...

jamie rishaw (efnet:gavroche)               American Information Systems, Inc.
jamie at ais dot net                                infrastructure engineering

         "I will NOT go to a party with a version number."  -davidr
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According to our records, you have at least
one domain registered with Network Solutions,
aka The Internic.

Please do not be offended by this email.
This is not a mass spam mailing.  Your
email address is on an Opt-In list of domain
owners who are interested in increasing
their website traffic.  

We can show you how to generate so much traffic,
that it could possibly CRASH your ISP's server!
That's right!  

We have a huge list of Internic's Domain Owners,
extracted from the Whois Database available
for download from our password protected
website right now.  For more details,
visit our site  . . .

If you order before Dec. 31st,  you will receive
"MacroBot" software for FREE! 

This is a one time mailing offer to members
of Network Solutions Whois Database of Domain
Name Owners/Opt-In List.  You will not receive 
any further mailings from our company.  

To request removal from this opt-in list,
send an email with "unsubscribe" in the
subject box.  mailto:[email protected]

Thanks for your time and consideration,

The UnderWorld
1-800-607-6006  ext. 3205#
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