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re: POWER: San Mateo/San Francisco power outage report

  • From: CONWAY
  • Date: Wed Dec 09 12:14:34 1998

This didn't make it to the list the first time.  Doh!

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> > breakers on the substation.  It also caused a cascade effect, tripping
> > the Hunters Point and Potrero power plants.  
> > grid primary power sources.  Aside from the human error, the system worked
> > "as designed to protect the rest of the grid."
> I suggest that causing a cascade effect and increasing the area of an
> outage isn't a good way to design a system.
> If you're interested in finding our more about how the power grid is operated,
> my company has a lot of operational info documented on the web.   It's scope
> is the operation of the interconnected grid in the mid-Atlantic region of the
> US (PA-NJ-DE-MD-DC-VA). The concepts and procedures documented there are
> probably very similar to the ones used on the west coast (YMMV, I'm a
> networking tech not a power systems engineer).
> All of our Operations Manuals are available at: 
> Of specific interest might be: Emergency Operations
>   and
> Transmission Operations
> Chuck Conway
> Network Management
> PJM Interconnection, LLC
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