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Per-AS average packet sizes.

  • From: Bradley Reynolds
  • Date: Thu Aug 27 11:24:05 1998

I was fooling around with low cost (and functional)
alternatives to netflow.  Using some of the cef 
per-prefix accounting, I came up with some average
packet sizes per-as.  I do not know if other pieces of 
software provide this, but it was interesting to me
given the recent debate over traffic/political network
engineering.  Note: These ASs were chosen because I was
looking at aads.  Also, some of the average packet sizes 
(specifically for the universities) are skewed because
of small sample size.  This data was taken over ~ 3 week period.

Report for AS4200
Average Packet Size=207.337627328432 bytes
Report for AS6081
Average Packet Size=91.0894051393711 bytes
Report for AS4908
Average Packet Size=163.0295230081 bytes
Report for AS600
Average Packet Size=185.555733807033 bytes
Report for AS3491
Average Packet Size=122.656178436359 bytes
Report for AS6172
Average Packet Size=119.599522802812 bytes
Report for AS4565
Average Packet Size=101.694844850921 bytes
Report for AS3967
Average Packet Size=100.630045695107 bytes
Report for AS6502
Average Packet Size=86.1414993563231 bytes
Report for AS5696
Average Packet Size=129.799373074708 bytes
Report for AS5000
Average Packet Size=815.050455624583 bytes
Report for AS3951
Average Packet Size=242.941615947634 bytes
Report for AS5646
Average Packet Size=152.496173302478 bytes
Report for AS2551
Average Packet Size=230.438698353958 bytes
Report for AS4006
Average Packet Size=102.0254851338 bytes
Report for AS6402
Average Packet Size=180.478647376678 bytes
Report for AS3549
Average Packet Size=78.548229806905 bytes
Report for AS10303
Average Packet Size=69.6246769007691 bytes
Report for AS6259
Average Packet Size=124.865566859912 bytes
Report for AS87
Average Packet Size=295.944768380059 bytes
Report for AS3847
Average Packet Size=85.967930320445 bytes
Report for AS5762
Average Packet Size=104.255525645514 bytes
Report for AS693
Average Packet Size=205.356601218687 bytes
Report for AS103
Average Packet Size=451.407999388192 bytes
Report for AS160
Average Packet Size=225.945025341309 bytes
Report for AS1746
Average Packet Size=354.80284738041 bytes