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Re: Generation of traffic in "settled" peering arrangement

  • From: Tracy J. Snell
  • Date: Wed Aug 26 11:12:08 1998

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, John Curran wrote:

> At 11:00 AM 08/24/1998 -0700, Owen DeLong wrote:
> >...
> >Except, John, that you ignore the fact that you have basically required
> >anyone who wants to put a high-bandwidth server on your network to accept
> >other people writing a blank check for them, regardless of the legitimacy
> >of the hits they receive.
> Owen,
>   Clarify...  right now, many organizations with high-speed connections
>   to the Internet pay based on usage (including traffic sent).  Doesn't
>   anyone on a usage-sensitive leased-line connection pay based on the
>   traffic regardless of the "legitimacy" of the hits received?  Isn't 
>   this why we all hunt down SMURFers?

Everytime we have been SMURFed BBN/GTEI has been unwilling to do anything
to help us. Either filters or aiding in hunting down the SMURFer. My
experience is BBN doesn't help it's customers trace down SMURFers.

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