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Re: Transaction Based Settlements Encourage Waste (was Re:

  • From: Sean Butler
  • Date: Wed Aug 26 09:17:34 1998

vadim wrote:
>In any case, nobody was able to connect backbone flow
>traces for any significant amount of time.  A typical
>Internet load on OC-3 would produce about 7000 fps, or
>500 mil flows per day.  Now, crunching that data to
>generate bills is going to be fun.

But you're not going to do accounting on backbone links
to bill customers, you'd do that at their ingress.  Now,
if you have customers with OC-3's, then for the time being,
I agree, you probably can't bill based on flows...  But
for customers from dial-up speeds up to DS-3's, the
technology is there to do this today.  Quesion is:  is it
cost feasible to do so?

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