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Re: open relays at Earthlink

  • From: Derek Balling
  • Date: Tue Aug 25 18:02:30 1998

At 09:54 AM 8/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Or you can continue to allow people to spam, which doesn't cost anything in
>any quantifiable manner, and annoys your support staff a whole lot less.
>Mind you, I'm all for doing the responsible thing.  But I understand the
>bottom line concerns that sometimes prevent it.

I agree with you about their reasoning behind not solving the problem.
Consider though how upset tech support will be when they start receiving

"What's this 'RBL' thing I keep hearing about whenever I try to send mail

If a company like Earthlink sees the two options - paying tech support to
fix mail software or paying tech support to answer RBL questions, and
willfully chooses RBL questions, then they are getting what they deserve,
because either way, they're going to get calls on the topic that need
answers. And from a corporate perspective, they should be approaching it
from the "You need to fix your e-mail like this because Earthlink is trying
to be a responsible member of the Internet", as opposed to "You got that
message because your ISP (us) has been blacklisted by the net for being a

My $0.02 worth, everyone's mileage will, I am certain, vary.