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  • From: Austin Schutz
  • Date: Tue Aug 25 11:34:27 1998

	What this is clearly illustrating is that dialup customers are not
as profitable as they used to be, and that web hosting and dedicated service
are very profitable.
	Let's propose for a minute that Exodus is so unhappy about losing
BBN connectivity that they buy transit to get to BBN from a third party
(clearly they're not going to buy it directly from BBN). They enter in to a
contract for transit to BBN via a third party, UUNet as an example. They run
a local fddi (or whatever) to a UUNet router which then dumps the traffic the
fastest way possible. UUNet then scores a little bit of money for the trouble,
and BBN gets nothing except more traffic to run coast to coast. Now what are
they going to do? Dump UUNet too? Please.
	BBN should either find a way of making dialup profitable or get in to
other lines of service. Trying to extort money from peers is a ludicrous
waste of time.