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Re: open relays at Earthlink

  • From: Brandon Ross
  • Date: Mon Aug 24 20:37:29 1998

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Aaron Goldblatt wrote:

> Of course it's a boneheaded way to run an Internet business, if you plan to
> be a decent Netizen.  But consider:  Companies like,
>,,, etc., all exist for a single
> purpose: to make money.  It is -costly- to fix broken configurations that
> have a direct impact on customers.

I think we do an extremely good job of making sure our configurations are
not broken in any way that would make us a bad Netizen.  If you believe
otherwise and have already tried going through normal channels
([email protected] or [email protected] for example) and
haven't gotten satisfactory resolution, please don't hesitate to let me
know.  We really do take our Core Values and Beliefs
( seriously, and they don't
just apply to direct customers. 

> You have to pay the support personnel to wade through the email and
> handle the calls.  You may have to pay for he calls if you're dumb
> enough to have an 800 number for support.

There's no surviving in this business without it.  The customers demand
it.  It's just a cost of doing business.

> Or you can continue to allow people to spam, which doesn't cost anything in
> any quantifiable manner, and annoys your support staff a whole lot less.

And makes you look really bad to your peers, who, in this line of business
are also your customers and suppliers.

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