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Re: spare swamp space?

  • From: Brandon Ross
  • Date: Mon Aug 24 11:12:44 1998

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Patrick Greenwell wrote:

> > So why don't you just use private IP space?  That would require that we
> > and our wholesale providers agree on a private block to use for this
> > purpose.  Even if this can be done, if/when we add another wholesaler,
> > who's to say if they will agree to that space as well?
> Personally, I would go with this option. That's what the space is for. I
> can't imagine it being that terribly difficult to negotiate this with your
> upstream(s), and if you need to change, it should be fairly trivial.

One of the wholesaler's we use in particular will probably make this next
to impossible.  I feel no need to mention names here, but they have been
very uncooperative in the past and I don't expect them to act any
differently in this situation.

> Otherwise, why not just get real space from your upstream(s) and have them
> blackhole the route at their borders?

That's an interesting idea, and perhaps I'm missing something, but the
only way I can think of that this could be done would be for the provider
who has assigned this space to put a static route in every single one of
their border routers.  That is assuming that they assign me a block out
of a larger announcement which would almost certainly be the case (unless 
they happened to have some swamp space they could give me). I doubt they'd
be willing to do that since it's certainly not very scalable.

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