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Re: GTE BBN - Rand originated BUSINESS MODEL discussion

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Sat Aug 22 14:50:31 1998

> Too simple?  Ok, imagine web pages with 24 hour sound files, or 24 hour
> vivo or quicktime files, or continously refreshing web pages all
> generating additional revenue instead of being merely an expensive use of
> bandwidth.
> Mike.

  Again , someone *CLICKED* to receive this..... If they want to listen
  to 24 hours of "Vivaldi", that is their choice, and they can pay for
  the privilege...

  But, we are not talking UDP here... The user can select to drop
  the transmission, just as they selected to receive it.

  TCP takes *2* to tango.

  Why do we keep viewing content as something that passively  "leaps
out" at the user ?
  They *request* it.  

  (For auto-refreshers see earlier suggestion for additional features to
web browsers)

  I mentioned "exceptions" for UDP earlier.... The only real "It just
leaped out" content.
  Charge to *sender*....

   Need that Coffee!!!!!!!!  :}


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