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  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Sat Aug 22 14:28:16 1998

On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, William Allen Simpson wrote:

> In the past, on other topics, Michael often has had thoughtful
> responses, but this time he has gone off the deep end (and is drowning).


> IP traffic has none of these characteristics.  Who is the "initiator"
> for the FTP data PORT?  PASV?  What setup time?  What circuit time?

I don't care who is the initiator and the terminator because both are
customers of the backbone operators who are peering and are therefore
irrelevant to the peering relationship. I am attempting to factor the
customers out of this scenario and see where it takes us.

> We are "packet" oriented, not "circuit" oriented.

I'm not even looking at packets to figure out what the balance point is.
Just octets in and octets out.

> > no-charge peering for networks that basically send a similar number of
> > bytes to what they receive.
> >
> > So what do we do when that is no longer the case?
> >
> Those of us who have been around longer then most, remember that this
> has _NEVER_ been the case.
> My simple telnet to a host (circa '78...) delivered far more to the screen
> than my typed commands, even with an old teletype or decwriter.

Meanwhile someone on the host's network could have ben telnetting to a
host on your network. This is what I mean by balance. I'm talking about
the aggregate of all the flows passing through an exchange point.

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