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Re: MAE-East - Operational question

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Thu Aug 20 18:42:22 1998

Communism, *NOT* marxism.

   Lets see:

     router> conf t
     router> int nanog 0
     router> no ip directed-communism
     router> access-group 66 IN
     router> access-list 66 deny MARXISM
     router> access-list 66 deny _POLITICS_
     router> access-list 66 deny POLITICAL_PARTIES
     router> access-list 66 permit PHILOSOPHY
     router> access-list 66 permit IDEAOLOGY
   And now I leave the remainder of this discussion to OFF NANOG.
(and your local Poli-SCI PHD)

This config doesn't seem to be helping my routing much.... But, 
in your defense, I am actually saying the opposite of what you *think*.

(I am saying it *doesn't* work , but making a distinction between
the ideology, and "supposed" implementations going by that name,
that *fine grained* distinction *is* the point :(
  The depths of greed that *some* of humanity exhibit,
  being the fatal flaw for both plans. (FDDI&COMMUNISM)


(Darn lasers!)

foo wrote:
> Richard Irving wrote:
> >    *Pure* communism was a great ideaology! However,
> >    its failure, for the most part, was cited
> >    as "not accounting for human nature"
> as if.
> that's the most often heard, and most false statement
> one can make about communism.
> try actually reading communist literature, and see if
> you think marxism is such a great idealogy.
> -foo