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Re: MAE-East - Operational question

  • From: Dorian Kim
  • Date: Thu Aug 20 13:50:54 1998

On Wed, Aug 19, 1998 at 05:35:57PM -0400, Jeff Barrows wrote:
>    - The peering session between Network A and Network B
>      is traversing the network of FDDI switches at the IX,
>      as the networks are not peering across a FDDI switch
>      that they have in common, and the links are congested.
>   Other things one can do :
>    - Peering session can be moved to a FDDI switch that
>      the two networks have in common.

The others, as you've observed are reasonably fixable problems, given
inclination, but this last problem is non-trivial to fix, because of
the physically distributed nature of some interconnects.

I'm not yet certain as to whether ATM replacement of FDDI is the right 
solution to this problem.