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Re: intranet

  • From: Dean Anderson
  • Date: Wed Aug 19 18:40:32 1998

Another thing you can do is work with a provider in your area that has 2
pops. In Boston, for example, BBN has a Cambridge Pop and a Boston Pop.
Their highest service level brings a T1 to each.  Presumably, only one Pop
would suffer a catastophe that wouldn't be suffered by other providers as

Of course, the lines run side by side through the customers building and
into the street, so we are still subject to the limitation that our
construction workers carry saws and don't know how to splice fiber. ;-)


At 10:28 PM 8/18/98 -0400, Chris Gibiault wrote:
>That is one way to do it .. another and I think a BETTER way would be to
>only use 1 set of ip's ( a set that is "portable" ) and talk bgp with both
>providers. This way you can move the traffic in the most efficient way . If
>you take routes from both of em you may get a better path to site X from
>provider a and a better path to site Y from provider B . 

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