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Re: spare swamp space?

  • From: steve
  • Date: Wed Aug 19 18:20:16 1998


	While IRC is just a game its an interesting game to watch and play.
There are other ways to defend (successfully) your IRC server from outside
attacks including smurf, fraggle and whatever other program comes from the
fingers of bored kids with no lives.  I've helped PSI and other providers
running IRC servers to better protect their servers (and sometimes their 
networks), and I am happy to work with you (or anyone else on that note) on
how to defend yourself against large IP based attacks.  Please let me know
if i can be of service.

On Wed, Aug 19, 1998 at 03:18:23AM -0400, Brandon Ross wrote:
> I'm currently working on a project to help reduce the impact of smurf
> attacks on our IRC server.  Part of the plan requires a /24 of swamp
> space.  Since I'm sure ARIN wouldn't even consider assigning anything out
> of the swamp or anything that small, I'm wondering if any of you might
> have one that you're not using and would consider transferring to me.

> Stop Smurf attacks!  Configure your router interfaces to block directed
> broadcasts. See for details.

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