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RE: BBN Peering issues

  • From: Martin, Christian
  • Date: Tue Aug 18 23:24:53 1998

>You play engineering and revenue as a dichotomy when in fact
>it is a duality.  In the "real world" that you like to refer
>to, it is more of a symbiotic relationship.  Though it would
>be nice to be aloof in a lab and be lavishly compensated, I would 
>venture to say that such a situation is not the norm.   

>Let us get one point understood.  You deserve nothing more than
>you pay for.  You were not, by merit of your diction, infrastructure,
>prowess, or mandate from heaven, conferred a right to the
>resources of another individual or conglomeration of individuals.

>If you abhor these paper-pushers so, you are more than able to 
>find the capitalisation to finance a global altruistic
>network where anyone can peer with anyone and we will all get along.
>It will be akin to the communes of the 60s.  We can just
>hallucinate until the reality evaporates.  

"Well said, well spoken."

-Irwin Fletcher (AKA Fletch (AKA Chevy Chase))