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re: BBN Peering issues

  • From: Gordon Cook
  • Date: Mon Aug 17 18:08:23 1998

Jerry, the most important paragraph followed a few lines later:

"Many of the operators of the private peering interconnections are
competitors of the Company. Currently, ***the Company does not pay a fee
for many of these interconnections,*** and if these organizations were to
begin to charge the Company for utilizing these interconnections, or, in
the cases where the ***Company currently pays a fee,*** to increase the pricing
associated with utilizing these networks, the Company may be required to
identify alternative methods through which it can distribute its customers'

Exodus has certainly said or implied that they had universal no cost
interconnection?  No?  Or are we going on nuances here like the
interconnections are peering that is being paid for instead of transit and
so they really don't count???

The worldcom statement could be leased lines for their own backbone.  True.
but do you think that they get no cost peering from UUNET?  i honestly
don't know the answer.  still I can't immagine generous john sidgemore
interconnecting them for free.

what the paragraph that I cited again above says is that they pay for
multiple peering interconnections..... or at least they sure paid last
january.   does anyone think free peering is getting easier to get?  ergo
its a safe assumption that they pay now.....becuase if they somehow bucked
the trend how could they miss out on the pr value of saying so?

>for someone who claims to be a reporter, you are sometimes amazing. Buying
>leased circuit bandwidth from Worldcom or bozo the clown does not mean
>that that they are buying internet peering. You have no facts to prove
>anything you say, yet you content that people who do have facts are
>misrepresenting the truth.
>take a break,

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