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Re: DNS Headaches.

  • From: Ryan Brooks
  • Date: Mon Aug 17 16:59:05 1998

After looking at the DIG output posted I would have to agree with how this _should_
have manifested itself (mispelled TLDs only, because of the SOA) - But packet dumps
showed the lookups contained lots of valid domains,   tons of stuff in .mg, .il,
.uk, .gov and to a latter extent .com and .net (but only largish sites like excite,
yahoo, etc).

Ryan Brooks
[email protected]
CTO, Internet Connect, Inc.

Craig A. Huegen wrote:

> On Sat, Aug 15, 1998 at 04:13:49AM -0500, Ryan K. Brooks wrote:
> ==>How did this happen anyway?  InterNIC? Postel?  Doesn't this error imply that
> ==>a  percentage of the Internet was unresolvable by the entire planet?
> No.  It means that any mis-spelled top-level domain went to you.
> So you got all the traffic for .ent, .ocm, .cmo, .nte, etc domains =)
> (.net and .com permutations for those of you who didn't see it)
> /cah