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Re: DNS Headaches.

  • From: Craig A. Huegen
  • Date: Sat Aug 15 02:41:11 1998

This wouldn't be, would it? =)

This morning, Chris Yarnell from NASA pointed out the response
to "dig . soa":

.                       2D IN NS        PANIC.WEBTEAM.NET.
.                       2D IN NS        TORGO.WEBTEAM.NET.

I don't know how this happened, but it doesn't look pretty. =)

(The "standard" zone files were okay -- .COM, .NET, etc...)


On Fri, Aug 14, 1998 at 11:52:09PM -0500, [email protected] wrote:
==>  I am having some very bizzare DNS issues and am wondering if anyone
==>  will be able to shed some light on this.  A customer of ours started
==>  recieving thousands of DNS requests for a wide range of domains,
==>  mostly foreign.  The requests are coming from a wide range of ips
==>  most of which respond to nslookups "ie are nameservers".  I have done
==>  a whois on some of the domains and the 2 name servers having the
==>  problems don't show up, I have also check to root servers and dont see
==>  anything which would direct those domains to the name servers.  Their
==>  entire T1 is full from these requests about 1.2 meg.  As the customer
==>  is in the business of web hosting they can kill named nor can they
==>  put up a packet filter to fix this.  Also because there are literally
==>  hundreds of diffrent domains both preforming the lookups and being
==>  looked up it is not feasable to call the admin of each one to work
==>  this out.  Anyone have any ideas?
==>Max Spaulding
==>Internet Connect, INC.
==>[email protected]