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Re: BBN Peering issues

  • From: Robert Bowman
  • Date: Fri Aug 14 15:44:38 1998

Please read my prior statement below, but I must not have been clear.  I'll

1.85% of our TOTAL OUTPUT goes to BBN.
We estimate that to be between 10-30% of BBN's TOTAL INPUT.

I have no idea what our total input from BBN is, but I'd imagine it to be
the same percentage, but a hell of a lot lower bandwidth (as our aggregate
input is extremely low).  If I was a larger input from BBN, supposedly we
woulldn't be in this mess..  

The 10-30% range is a pure estimate based upon the number of top web sites 
that use our network, the relative percentage of input we are with other
ISPs, and some guessing work.  Hence, the wide range and the "estimate"

BBN is the only one that can tell us what percentage of the total input traffic
is Exodus.  Of course, you should probably take into the consideration the
amount of bits dropped into /dev/null because of the rate-shaping BBN
instituted on the pxs.  We did.

Speaking for the company.
> At 12:10 PM 19980813 -0700, Robert Bowman wrote:
> >I am referring to output of Exodus traffic relative to input of BBN traffic,
> >not vice versa.  Exodus consumes very little of BBN's output (Exodus input).
> >Isn't that the "supposed" problem?  Our private exchange statistics show it
> >very simply, if BBN disconnects, it will drop our traffic by 1.85%.  I cannot
> >speak for certain about BBN's traffic input as an aggregate, that is why
> >I stated below that we are estimating.
> >> >off.  Let's face the facts, BBN is only 1.85% of my traffic.  By all accounts,
> >> >we estimate to be in the area of 10-30% of their traffic.  Lots of luck.  We
> >> >actually see a massively inverted benefit scale in this particular situation.
> It seems intuitively reasonable to me that 1.85% of Exodus input comes from BBN.
> No arguments there. I would like to know where the "By all accounts, we estimate
> to be in the area of 10-30% of their traffic." sentence comes from. Are you suggesting
> that 10-30% of BBN's total output goes to Exodus? Or that 10-30% of Exodus output
> goes to BBN?
> The first scenario is ridiculous. The second scenario is possible, but I would suspect
> it is closer to 10% than 30%.
> -dsr-
> ...Still not speaking for the company...