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Re: BBN Peering issues

  • From: Robert Bowman
  • Date: Fri Aug 14 14:13:34 1998

I am referring to output of Exodus traffic relative to input of BBN traffic,
not vice versa.  Exodus consumes very little of BBN's output (Exodus input).
Isn't that the "supposed" problem?  Our private exchange statistics show it
very simply, if BBN disconnects, it will drop our traffic by 1.85%.  I cannot
speak for certain about BBN's traffic input as an aggregate, that is why
I stated below that we are estimating.

Other studies I have seen show BBN as a 3% consumption (which would probably 
include multihomed).  This is from a completely different network.  If that
particular network cares to show the statistics relative to BBN's consumption
of content, that is their decision.

> At 07:49 AM 19980813 -0700, Robert Bowman wrote:
> >You forgot one circumstance, the most likely in this situation...  Exodus isn't
> >going to buy any transit.  Nor are the other folks that BBN is trying to cut
> >off.  Let's face the facts, BBN is only 1.85% of my traffic.  By all accounts,
> >we estimate to be in the area of 10-30% of their traffic.  Lots of luck.  We
> >actually see a massively inverted benefit scale in this particular situation.
> I'm not speaking for the company here. When I do that, I wear a different hat.
> Are you seriously under the impression that 10-30% of BBN traffic is sent to
> Exodus? 
> And that 10% of BBN's traffic equals 1.85% of Exodus's?
> Boggle.
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