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Re: BBN Peering issues

  • From: Dan Ritter
  • Date: Fri Aug 14 10:50:45 1998

At 07:49 AM 19980813 -0700, Robert Bowman wrote:
>You forgot one circumstance, the most likely in this situation...  Exodus isn't
>going to buy any transit.  Nor are the other folks that BBN is trying to cut
>off.  Let's face the facts, BBN is only 1.85% of my traffic.  By all accounts,
>we estimate to be in the area of 10-30% of their traffic.  Lots of luck.  We
>actually see a massively inverted benefit scale in this particular situation.

I'm not speaking for the company here. When I do that, I wear a different hat.

Are you seriously under the impression that 10-30% of BBN traffic is sent to

And that 10% of BBN's traffic equals 1.85% of Exodus's?



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