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Re: BBN Peering issues

  • From: Jay R. Ashworth
  • Date: Thu Aug 13 18:55:02 1998

On Wed, Aug 12, 1998 at 06:26:51PM -0400, John Butler wrote:
> >From the article:
> >                    "It appears that the result of this action will
> >                     harm BBN and its customers substantially more
> >                     than it will harm our customers," said Exodus
> >                     President Ellen Hancock in an Aug. 5 letter to
> >                     customers. 
> This statement is deluded to say the least. BBN peers with most other major
> backbone providers, and they have one of the fastest, most reliable networks in
> the world.

And that's why as a BBN customer in Florida, the only rout I have to
most of the rest of the world is through MAE-East?

I don't think so.

-- jra
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