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Re: FWD: Web backbone provider Priori mulls bankruptcy

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Thu Aug 13 14:58:18 1998

At 01:38 AM 8/13/98 -0700, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

>I COMPLETELY agree, and I am currently working for free to get our
>customers moved.  I do appreciate any offers of assistance to get my
>friends and customers "on net" ASAP.  I currently have problems in the
>Denver, Dallas and Boston markets.  I believe I have secured at least
>temporary transit for all customers in all other cities.  There isn't a
>whole lot of bandwidth necessary, but getting a loop in days is, as we all
>know, nearly impossible.  If someone in our collocation facilities could
>keep them up, even sub-optimally, even temporarily, I would greatly
>appreciate it and donate my engineering time to do whatever was necessary
>to get it done.

Thank you all for the tremendous response.  With your help I have gotten
all of my customers moved so that not one Priori customer should suffer any
significant downtime.  (Just long enough to move the line.)  I do
appreciate everyone's offer of help.  Kinda restores my faith in the industry.

I would like to single out Above.Net, specifically Dave Rand and Steve
Rubin.  Above.Net is helping our customers in ways I would not expect any
profit-minded company to do.  They are bending over backwards to help
people who will probably never pay them a dime, and doing it quickly and
cheerfully.  These are really good guys and I think they deserve a lot of
credit for helping me and my downstreams out of a VERY tight spot.  Thanx

Of course, there are lots of other upstreams who are making extraordinary
efforts to keep one or more of my downstreams on Net in the near future.
Please do not think that I do not appreciate it.  Thank you all.


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