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Re: Today's Outage

  • From: Tim Flavin
  • Date: Wed Aug 12 01:27:17 1998

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Sean Donelan wrote:

> Well, today's outage is a small one.  Southwestern Bell lost power
> to their central office in Ladue, Missouri (just outside of St. Louis).
> This affects all local telephone service in Ladue and several
> surrounding communities.  No big deal, except our Network Operations
> Center happens to receive its local dial tone from the Ladue central

No big deal for yourselves maybe, but we had several hundred ISDN
customers hammer or NOC at that time, since all BRI's in SE MO are served
out of that CO.

I did talk to someone about the problem, but unfortunatly, SWBT has moved
their NOC to KC and they were clueless to the problem, and their battery
ran dry, and the generator failed to start.

> Any alternative carriers care to schedule an appointment for a presentation
> on your facilities based alternate local service offerings?  People
> just reselling unbundled network elements from Southwestern Bell are
> in the same boat as SWBT.

In St Louis, that would be MFS, TCG and Intermedia. MFS is CT1 only, TCG
is on drugs as far as pricing goes, and Intermedia is still trying to get
their stuff working correctly as far as trunking to SWBT.

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