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Re: NANOG Channel Archives and Editorializing

  • From: Sam Hayes Merritt, III
  • Date: Thu Aug 06 13:43:38 1998

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Dean Robb wrote:

> I think it's an area deserving of public discussion. There are numerous
> "open relay" lists around, from folks genuinely trying to be helpful to
> spammers sharing info, so removal from the archives is not really going to
> do much for the issue one way or another.  However, the question is begged:
>  "Should information on potential network abuse points be shared and public
> or not?"

Yes. View it the same as Bugtraq. If you find a problem, let the owner
know and give them ample time to respond and fix it. If it is not quickly
taken care of, add them to the list.  That is the only way you will ever
get things done.  If telling them privately doesn't work, telling the
world and embarrasing them in front of peers might.  So the spammers get
the list... it might get the problem fixed quicker.