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Re: NANOG Channel Archives and Editorializing

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Thu Aug 06 13:01:51 1998

At 20:38 8/5/98 -0400, you wrote:
>A request came in today to remove a post that listed a number of hosts open
>for relaying.  The individual asked me to remove the message so as to
>minimize the damage it causes the owners of the listed relays, including
>Since these are generated from the flat archives at Merit, I'm loath to
>start editorializing.  What do folks think?  Should we edit the archives to
>remove "dangerous" information, or let them stand on their merits (no pun
>intended) and let the roaches scatter in the light?

I vote to let them stand.  The person(s) who feel they are slighted or in
danger from a public list (of information that is, after all, not all that
hard to obtain independently) needs only to correct the problem to remove
the danger.  
>Respond privately unless you absolutely feel a need to start a discussion
>on it.  I'll post the decision I come to on the list.

I think it's an area deserving of public discussion. There are numerous
"open relay" lists around, from folks genuinely trying to be helpful to
spammers sharing info, so removal from the archives is not really going to
do much for the issue one way or another.  However, the question is begged:
 "Should information on potential network abuse points be shared and public
or not?"

Wabbit season! season!..wabbit season! season!..SPAMMER SEASON!

Dean Robb
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