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Checked out GIP.ORG lately?

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Tue Aug 04 01:08:18 1998

When was the last time you looked at ?

Here's a quote from "Internet Foundations: Breaking Technology

   It is to achieve these goals that the Global Internet Project (GIP) - a
   voluntary, international organization of primarily Internet software,
   hardware and service providers and telecommunications industry CEOs and
   senior executives - presents this paper. It aims to identify a set of
   potentially crippling bottlenecks and offer forward-looking
   recommendations on how to eliminate or minimize such barriers to
   sustainable Internet growth. 


   The Internet's development to date has been as haphazard as it has been
   delightful, more a function of random entrepreneurial initiative than
   of mature planning. The time has come to balance entrepreneurial spirit
   with sophisticated planning, within the largely voluntary framework
   that always has characterized Internet growth. 


   Toward that end, GIP recommends the convening of a summit, ideally late
   in 1998 or early in 1999, to explore the foundations of future Internet
   development. The summit would be international in scope, bringing
   together key Internet players, at the most senior levels, from both the
   private and nonprofit sectors to consider opportunities and bottlenecks
   in the four key areas discussed in this paper - end-user software and
   hardware, high speed access, backbone networks, and server


   Backbone Networks Recommendations 

     * Providers of backbone networks should be able to interconnect with
       other backbone providers under reasonable terms in a competitive market
     * Industry should evolve to schemes where services at different
       grades carry their own costs, dictated by the market.

To read the whole paper check out but please
do explore the rest of the website as well.

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