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MCI, CA*Net, & ANS routeserver information

  • From: Jason Lixfeld
  • Date: Sun Jul 19 23:44:40 1998

I'm looking for a little information on these routeservers.  Currently, I
am posting all information to the RADB but I am not sure if I should also
be sending objects to the aforementioned DBs aswell.  My upstreams are
UUNet (AS816), SprintLink via Rogers Network Services (AS6463), CA*Net via
Bell Global Solutions (AS3804) and soon to be linked to Sprint Canada

Is RADB sufficient?  If so, why?  If not, why?

If I need to post objects to other route servers where can I find
documentation on where to send the objects (ie:  RADB is [email protected]
and [email protected])

Any help would be appreciated.


Jason A. Lixfeld

Network Engineer, iDirect Network Operations

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5415 Dundas Street West      | 
Suite 301, Toronto Ontario   | (416) 233-6036 x 18   (T)
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