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Re: NOC communications (was Re: Process management)

  • From: Jared Mauch
  • Date: Mon Jul 13 12:13:34 1998

On Mon, Jul 13, 1998 at 11:23:08AM -0400, John Todd wrote:
> I disagree with your point that NOC-to-NOC communications should ever be
> forwarded to a general number, even with adequate training.  General
> purpose numbers are not staffed 24x7, and the good intent of a
> well-informed general purpose number gets sidetracked swiftly during
> call-center grooming and re-organization of departments and other
> diversions that occur during the life of a company.   How many times have
> you called an ISP's "hotline" to talk with someone who has no idea what a
> NOC is?  Or how many times have you been on hold for more than 15 minutes
> only to be transferred to another queue?  The best intentions are no match
> for entropy if the people in charge of the system do not have direct
> control over the fate of where the call lands.
> >Of course, if the general purpose contact number was working well,
> >there wouldn't be a need for another contact method. 
> My point exactly - we all have proof that the current system doesn't work
> very well.

	This gives me a chance to plug my noc list again, and get
everyone else to contribute to it.

	Questions or comments about the list?  Direct them to me.

	As for most people being clueless when you talk to them, education
is the only path.  There's not much else that can be done, there's
not anything that prohibits people from starting a clueless company.  It's
all marketing, if you can market yourselves well, and service your
market in a not-unreasonable fashion, they're not likeley to listen to
someone else anyways.

	But we don't want to do something like require people to be
certified before becoming an ISP do we?  that would be worse.

	Going on a quest and attempting to educate people as best possible
is currently the only path for dealing with cluelesness.

	As for bad contact information in internet,whois databases, etc..
arin, internic, etc.. should attempt to be proactive at going after
these folks.

	Taking a look at one (you can see it's false) entry in the
internic database is:
Holy Sh1t, INC
   I gotta take a #2
   ASS, PA 56765

	Not trying to make an example out of these folks, it's just one
where any snail mail would never make it there.

	- Jared

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