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VLSM and CIDR information digest and thanks...

  • From: kbrown
  • Date: Mon Apr 27 20:08:53 1998

Everyone...  I appreciate everyone's response to my basic questions on
these topics.  I've got a truckload of sources to read from now. :=)
For the record, and the archives... the most useful documents I was
referred to, or found most helpful were:

RFC1518- An Architecture for IP Address Allocation with CIDR
RFC1466-Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space
RFC1519-CIDR: an Address Assignment and Aggregation Study
RFC1878-Variable Length Subnet Table for IPv4
Understanding IP Addressing: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

Once again, thanks to everyone who assisted me in locating this
information, and hopefully with this mail in the archives, the next
"junior" won't have to ask the question.