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Re: NSI Bulletin 098-008 | New Registration Agreement

  • From: Scott Gifford
  • Date: Mon Mar 30 19:13:32 1998

Perry Metzger writes:
>Michael Dillon writes:
>> On Mon, 30 Mar 1998 [email protected] wrote:
>> > So, are we going to get refunds?
>> That would mean that the NSF (your tax dollars) would have to pay for
>> doling out many, many small checks or else the fund itself would pay for
>> the issuing of checks thereby reducing a meagre refund to a measly
>> I think it would be much nicer if the money were to be given to some
>> that would spend it on its intended purpose. Let IAB dole it out as
>> research grants or some such...
>Not likely the courts will see it that way. They'll probably require
>that the money be returned, or given back to the users in the form of
>free service from NSI or some such.

  A similar case happened here in Michigan, where Ameritech overcharged
customers and was ordered by the court to pay it back.  They ended up
settling on making a several million dollar contribution to connecting
classrooms to the Internet, in the form of a few large grants to groups of
school districts, instead of refunding hundreds of thousands of people a few
bucks.  So it could happen...