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RE: Asymmetric routing with tunnel.

  • From: Bill St. Arnaud
  • Date: Mon Mar 30 15:59:12 1998

Teleglobe is providing a similar type of service to Telstra's Internet
Service in Australia.

Contact Bob Collett at Teleglobe for more details


Bill St Arnaud
Director Network Projects
[email protected]



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> Jaeho Yang
> Sent: Sunday, March 29, 1998 2:27 AM
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Asymmetric routing with tunnel.
> We have terrestrial link between korea and us. But we have many down
> traffic (US -> Korea),
> we consider satellite for getting more incoming bandwidth. I contacted
> serveral satellite service
> providers, but the major concern is integration with existing
> terrestrial link.
> Our connection point is located in PAIX(Digital IX). But one candidate
> is located in Mae-east.
> My idea is transmitting some traffic into Mae-east via making tunnel.
> The border router sends incoming mail, ftp, and news traffic into VPN
> box, which is connected
> with other port of router. The traffic was encapulated by VPN box. VPN
> box makes a tunnel
> with one of Mae-east, which has the similar VPN box configured with our
> one.
> The router of mae-east sends traffic into the router of Satellite
> Service provider.
> The satellite transmit our traffics...
> I'll verify my idea is feasible, and there are some reference sites..
> Thanks in advance.
> --J