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Re: consistency and cix

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Mar 27 18:13:30 1998

> I suppose the issue comes down to whether one considers the CIX
> relationship to be one of transit provider or if it is considered an
> exchange point.

This is is the crux of the question I meant to be posing.

> Again, this is a political issue, and should probably be worked out between
> the two providers involved (hopefully through operational people and not
> lawyers though ;).

It is also a technical issue, as there are technical reasons why consistent
routing announcements are usually specified, whether the CIX is an exchange
or a for-fee transit provider is partially a technical judgement, ...

The two providers did, for the moment, work it out at the engineering level.
But we agreed the issue was interesting and the answer not obvious.