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consistency and cix

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Mar 27 14:58:31 1998

V peers with X at a number of points.  V and X announce the same routes
to each other at all these points.

V and X are also members of the CIX and are announcing routes to the CIX
router.  X announces different routes to the CIX router than they
announce directly to peer V because Y pays X to specifically announce
Y's routes at the CIX.

Should V be unhappy with X's inconsistent route announcements?  Should
X's announcement via the CIX be consistent with their announcements at
the other points V and X meet?

  o yes, because the CIX is a peering point, though router-based (this
    in itself may be worth a different discussion).

  o no, because in realty V and X each are paying customers of the CIX,
    and the CIX is merely announcing their customers' routes to each

My apologies for opening an operational issue in an inappropriate forum.